An update.

I haven’t abandoned this, I’m just having other priorities at the moment that keep me from updating this corner of my life.

Killplex developments have fallen in the realm of bug fixing lately, but I haven’t written about the new game mode yet… I suppose I shall fix that soon. How about now? Is that ok for you?

DOMINATION is a new game mode, the idea taken from several other games, including the recent Conquest Domination from Battlefield 3, and the Domination mode from the Modern Warfare series. In this mode, you have two teams pitted against each other in a map built for the mode, map which has flag points. You have to capture those points in order to gain advantage against the enemy team. If your team has more flags captured than the enemy team, you start building up points over time, how many points you get depends on the number of flags both teams have.

For example, if the map has 3 flags, and your team has two of them, but the enemy team has one, your team scores 1 point over time. If your team has all three flags, your team wins 3 points over time. If your team has one flag, the enemy team has one flag, but there’s one flag that is neutral, the game is in a stalemate, and no one gets points.

Capping flags is not the only way to get points, though. If you kill an enemy, you will receive a point as well. Still, it’s not an ideal way to win, since capturing those points is much faster than relying on a standard Team Deathmatch gameplay.

That’s DOMINATION in a nutshell.

As for a new Pre-alpha, I’m waiting for an opportunity to gather some players and test the game with more than 2 players. Who knows, actually testing the game with 16 players would be kind of cool.

Here’s a new video until then.

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