Pre-alpha bug list

If you find any, please report them below. Oh, and to not make it a mess, search for a submitted bug before you submit your own, otherwise the comment section might go BAM.

Also, I’ll be updating each bug’s status, so be sure to check this post regularly for updates.

Client bugs:

  • Console capturing keys after endround if it’s open while it triggers. (FIXED, waiting for patch)
  • Chat window isn’t accessible during endround. (FIXED, waiting for patch)
  • Bullets sometimes pass through own player. (possibly FIXED, waiting for patch + further testing)
  • Sometimes bullets register client-side but not server-side. (this may be due to lag and not a bug itself, but I tweaked it (a lot), so waiting for patch + further testing)

Server bugs:

  • Nicknames are bugged. (FIXED, patch 1 here)

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