It’s here.

Update: I will no longer give support to this version of the game, as a new one is in the works.

Ladies and gentlemen… Killplex Pre-alpha Version 1.

After a few months in development, I finally built a (hopefully) stable, pre-alpha version for public testing. May I remind you that this version is pretty much a work-in-progress, and that lots of things are going to be changed in the road to the final version.

You will need .NET Framework 4.0 and the XNA Redistributable 4.0 installed on your computer, otherwise the game will not run.

You can download the pre-alpha version 1 here [link removed] (~ 630KB).

You can also download the server patch for the names bug here [link removed] (~ 26KB). You just need to overwrite the contents of the original folder with the contents in that zip.

Also, here’s a list of useful links (this will be updated regularly):

What’s included in the .zip file?

The game, server and mapper executables. It also has the configuration files for both client and server, and they all need to be in the same folder. The mapper has no configuration files of its own (yet…).

How do I run the game with my own resolution?

I still haven’t done a launcher, but you only have to edit the config.cfg file on a text-editing app (notepad is the best one). You need to edit the “nick” field, replacing “Unknown” with your own nickname. Also, you can edit your resolution by changing the width and height parameters, and you can choose it to be fullscreen or not (you have to put either “true” or “false”).

There is a warning though. Don’t change your resolution to random values while in fullscreen, otherwise you might get a black screen due to unsupported res. I recommend using window mode for that.

How do I connect to a server?

First of all, you must have the IP of that server. Second, put that IP (and port, if it’s not the default one) on the “ip” field in the config.cfg file. Then, all you need to do is run the game.

You can also host your own server on your own machine. You just need to set the IP to “” (or “localhost”) and run the game.

What are the keys?

WASD = basic movement.
Left Mouse Button = shoot.
Left Shift = sprint.
R = reload.
Q = melee.
F = flashlight.
J = toggle chat visibility.
K = talk to all.
L = talk to team.
F1 = console.
ALT + F4 = exit game.

How do I control the server?

You can rcon through the game console. Press F1 to toggle the console and write “Server.Rcon <password>”, and replace <password> with the one on your server.cfg (server_rcon parameter).

Unfortunately, the commands are a bit on the short side for now, you can only fetch a user’s info (Server.PlayerInfo <name>), kick him (Server.PlayerKick <name>), and force endround on the server (Server.ForceEndRound) so it goes to the next map in rotation.

Do I have any client-side cool commands?

There is “version” to know which version and build you’re running on, and there’s “Draw.Perf” to show an FPS counter and a game loop timer, other than those, there aren’t any more commands yet.

The mapper is so difficult to mess with!

It’s not supposed to be released to the public. That’s just something I made for myself to edit levels with. On the next stage of testing, it will be completely revamped, so don’t get too fond with it.

Also, levels aren’t shared by the server, so you have to make your creation public in order for other people to play in it.

Why is there only one map?

It’s a good map. Short, but sweet. And it’s a map made for testing. Other than that, I can’t say.

Why is it only Deathmatch?

You can play on custom maps created for TDM and SQDM, but I’m not supporting those modes yet. I want to test other important stuff before actually adding and supporting more modes to the game.

How long will this pre-alpha run?

It will run until there’s a new version. But I don’t have a roadmap, so it could be until infinity and beyond.


So yeah, this is just a short FAQ about the pre-alpha. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below, and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

One thought on “It’s here.

  1. I’ve had the pleasure to test a couple features before the pre-alpha version.
    Thus far, it’s a solid game, with some neat mechanics and a dedicated creator behind it.

    So just hop on it, give it a try and follow it’s development to try, first hand, not only its growth but the stuff that will be implemented in the future.

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