Guess what… I’m back.

I’m going to start blogging primarily in English. I might volley a bit, though…

I’m not going to post a lot of stuff today, just trying to get used to the new Dashboard (it’s been a while since I’ve been here), updating the layout and stuff. Hopefully I won’t lay doom and waste on it.

In the next few days I’ll be talking about a new project I’ve been doing: a game. Yes, I’m making a game. A 2D top-down multiplayer shooter, to be exact. But that’s for later.

Also, I’ve been wondering: should I update WoW Launcher to a new version? Most importantly, translate it to English? I haven’t worked on it this year because: 1. I don’t play WoW anymore; 2. I don’t really want to bloat the program with unnecessary stuff, so I kept it simple (and nobody reported bugs… which was nice). It gives me pity to see a potential good program not being updated when it’s the No. 1 search term looked on this blog. It’s still on the Wrath folder structure… in VB! Oh well. Leave me a comment about this, because I really want to hear feedback from you.

Oh, and I had 19.6 (on a scale of 0 to 20) on my final project (PAP) last year. And I’ve started working on a web development company since. So that’s nice.

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